Our Unique Health Guarantee


    State of Missouri Rules and Regulations govern all warranties and guarantees. 

            All Missouri Laws regarding the sale of animals apply to this sale.


   Our puppies are honestly represented and evaluated as accurately as possible by us and our vet. Remember that the immune system of a young pup has not developed fully yet so stress of moving from the familiar home to an unfamiliar home can cause stress on your new baby.

   We are selling this puppy as a family companion and in no way guarantees breeding capabilities, conformation or show qualities. We recommend that your puppy be spayed or neutered by your veterinarian at the appropriate age.  However, it is your choice unless otherwise noted in the "additional terms" section on this contract. We are not responsible for any extra vet bills associated with this.
    Your puppy comes to you vet checked by our Veterinarian. He will check your puppy a day or so prior to coming home. It is vital that you establish a relationship with a good veterinarian right away so your puppy stays healthy. Your puppy must go to your vet within 48 hours of arrival or your health guarantee is null and void. If you think your puppy is sick when he/she arrives, please call, email or text us immediately or you WILL void this guarantee. We will give you advice about what to do. In the event we decide to replace the puppy, the puppy must be returned with the report from your vet. Replacements and return of the puppy are at our discretion but we will be fair. We will not replace your puppy for parasites: worms, protozoan and external parasites or shipping colds like kennel cough, URI or bronchitis. Your vet will offer a medication to remedy the problem and we have our babies on a very closely monitored program for prevention of these problems but no preventative is 100% effective. We are also only human and will apologize for any shortcomings on our part up front.
    Your puppy has been examined for hernias prior to coming home. If we find one we will have it repaired unless it is so small that our vet believes it will close on it's own. In the event that we miss one or you still want it repaired, we offer a $25 refund upon your providing proof of repair at your vet, which is our vets cost to repair it. In most cases, we recommend waiting until your puppy is spayed or neutered to do the repair. We will not refund any money for any reason nor pay any vet bills for any reason unless stated here in this agreement.  
    Should a puppy be diagnosed within our 2 years of any disorder which is considered by your vet to seriously impact the quality of life and your vet recommends euthanasia, or requires expensive continuous medical treatment throughout the puppies life, we will replace the puppy with another puppy of the same breed, same sex as soon as one comes available. Minor issues such as over or underbite, undescended testicles, small hernias or ears that don't stand according to breed standard are NOT covered by this guarantee! The buyer should submit proof of diagnosis from their vet. Return of the puppy is at our sole discretion. Also, if the condition does not warrant euthanasia and you are local, one of vets may provide medical services to remedy the condition. Please call/email us for advice and we will evaluate all problems on a case by case basis. We will not replace a puppy that dies because the new owner waited too long to get medical help for their new puppy or where neglect or abuse could have caused the problem.
      The most important thing you can do for the good health of your puppy is to complete the worming and vaccinations needed to ensure your puppy continues to enjoy good health. A private Vet will set you up on a schedule for this, so follow their advice. We can not guarantee total immunity for your puppy as the shots given by us are just a few in a series and your vet will need to complete them in a timely fashion. This guarantee covers some accidents or untimely deaths. In such cases, we would evaluate the situation and decide whether to replace the puppy/dog as one is available for 2 years. We can not guarantee adult size, color or temperament as housing, feeding, rearing, and treatment of puppies is controlled by the buyer. We do however, do our best to estimate how small or large your puppy will be when grown. Some puppies will lighten or darken in color as they get older. Also how you feed them is very important. Follow your vets advice for brands of food and amounts. We recommend any top quality brand of puppy food. Remember that just like humans, dogs are what they eat so feed them well for a long life!
    If you are dissatisfied with us in any way, we ask that you bring your concerns to us directly as we are instructed in Matthew 18:15.  We do not believe it is appropriate to display discontent publicly (online, etc.) in a spirit of vengeance. To do so will void the health guarantee for your puppy. Many of our puppies are teacup and toy breeds. They are very tiny when you bring them home. We will not replace a puppy for any form of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. You must take your puppy to your veterinarian at the first sign of a problem. You also must feed them whatever they will eat every day. Failing to do so constitutes neglect and voids this guarantee. We are not responsible for shipping charges to transport a puppy back and forth in the event of a return or replacement for any reason. Any attorney fees involved in fulfilling this contract are the responsibility of the buyer.

    We do not recommend a chain type of Vet care. We feel the best care will be given by your local privately owned Veterinarian. Working with a private Doctor will benefit everyone. 

    By accepting the shipment/delivery of this puppy, the customer agrees to the terms of this contract.
                                   This guarantee is non-transferable.
                           Thank you for loving one of our precious puppies!
                            .                Deuteronomy 6:24 and 25
                                                 Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!!