We are excited to introduce our new "Puppy Kindergarten" program! As an added plus with no additional cost to our families, this training will maximize the potential of each puppy. Working with the pups will start at 6 weeks old and continue until the puppy comes home. If a puppy is here past 12 weeks old, we will then teach walking on a leash, going up and down stairs with ease, sleeping in a crate at night quietly and house manners. 


Our Puppy Kindergarten stimulates the puppies learning ability, interests and natural instincts. We hope to develop alert, friendly, fearless, inquisitive, happy and intelligent family companions and therapy prospects. We start important character building basics like grooming, walking on a leash, sleeping in a crate, meeting new people, playing with young children and other kinds of animals.


Our Puppy Chatter CD will introduce threatening sounds like thunder, wind, barking dogs, children playing, alarm clocks, fireworks, livestock sounds, a vacuum cleaner, dryer buzzers, a lawn mower and door bells all while in the protection of Momma. 


We think Puppy Kindergarten will be a blessing to our puppies and their new families!!