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  • Savannah Bulthuis (Friday, October 25 19 11:55 pm EDT)

    I was skeptical at first in finding the right breeder since I wanted to make sure I wasn’t supporting puppy mills. Most Shiba Inu puppies we’re located more in the northern/northeastern regions and I was lucky to have come across Eckstein Hollows. I had an amazing experience and my puppy is my best friend. They helped me through the process and so far, I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

  • Lyn Wilson (Thursday, September 12 19 10:54 am EDT)

    We recently adopted our beautiful Goldendoolde last week for our children (9,7). Summer (given name was Gina) has been such an blessing and is super sweet and funny. She came to us healthy, happy, and ready for tons of love. We could not as for a better puppy. The overall adoption process was super easy.

  • Kimberly Genung (Wednesday, July 24 19 04:24 pm EDT)

    I have been meaning to write a review for a while but been busy with the hustle and bustle.
    We got a yorkipoo from this family and have been in love with her since day 1. She has been such a blessing and perfect fit with our yorkipoo passing last year.
    I would recommend this family to others interested in getting a dog.
    They are such loving companion and surprised how social she is with people.
    Thanks for giving us a little love in our family again.

  • Kelly Stotlar (Saturday, September 22 18 07:14 pm EDT)

    I have been meaning to write a review for awhile now and have been caught up in the hustle of kids and work. We got a Cavapoo puppy from the this family last December for Christmas for our three kids (8, 6, 4) and we have been in love from day 1. I could not have asked for a more perfect dog for our family. Millie (given name was Dixie) came to us healthy and was apparent she had been around people--she potty trained very quickly and she just fit right in our family. We just absolutely love her to pieces. I have recommended them to several friends. Thank you for our little love!

  • Teresa & James Kahre (Saturday, September 22 18 07:07 pm EDT)

    We met them a few years ago as they were speaking of adoption. We later adopted 3 more children into our large family. We met their lovely children and just knew that they would take good care of the dogs they bred too.
    We LOVE our brown and white Parti Poodle, Nellie that we adopted from them 1 1/2 years ago. She is so smart, trains well and sociable and REALLY good with little children! We think she is the best dog that we have EVER known. Thank you and God Bless.

  • Sara lester (Thursday, August 03 17 05:24 pm EDT)

    We adopted our sweet labradoodle Milly last month. We are so in love with her .
    She came potty trained and so well behaved !
    She has been such a blessing after losing our 12 yr old labradoodle !
    They were great to work with and have a beautiful family !!
    Thanks for our Milly girl !

  • Michelle A Pottorff (Sunday, July 23 17 11:37 pm EDT)

    We can't thank you enough for our Schnoodle, Bailey (was Blossom)! You described her as sweet to us and that is exactly her. She is a bit shy but the smartest, most loving dog we could ever have hoped for. Its been a wonderful six months with her. She is healthy, happy, and loved beyond measure!! Thank you again!!

  • Kristina (Monday, April 17 17 12:39 pm EDT)

    I love my cotton ball so much lots of personality and a whole lot of love to give he is my baby he came very happy and very sweet

  • Robin Manners (Thursday, September 29 16 02:33 pm EDT)

    I purchased Lil Jake, now named Lad, born December 8, 2013. He is a magnificent collie boy, all you promised and so much more. He arrived in greath health, and my vet had never seen such detailed
    health records. He had obviously been well taken care of and trained. (Sat like a little gentleman for every meal.) He acclimated quickly to our German Shepherd and our cat. He is an absolutely
    gorgeous white collie with his striking facial markings at now almost 3 years old. We love him dearly, and he is such a blessing to us. Thank you so much for everything: for our wonderful boy, for
    your great care and training, the ease of your process, exemplary vet records, communications, etc. Please know we are filled with gratitude, and Lad is in a forever home loved each and every day.
    God bless you all!

  • Rita Forsman (Saturday, August 06 16 05:16 pm EDT)

    Just Love my Taffy he is just adorable and the sweetest little Love. I could not be Happier

  • Kathy Moss (Monday, June 13 16 09:56 pm EDT)

    I have been wanting to give you an update on (Echo)now Micah for a couple of years now. LOL Time sure gets away from us quickly. We will have him 3 years this October. If you remember, we were
    looking for a puppy for our disabled son. The dog you recommended has been amazing for our whole family! Our son seems to enjoy touching Micah because he is so soft. He is a beautiful Parti Yorkie
    Poo. He is loving, cuddly, playful, intelligent, and great with other people. Due to our son's disabilities, we have different nurses coming in our house all the time and he is friendly to all of
    them. He is definitely a watch dog over our son. He seems to know when there is an issue with our son. He was a little stubborn on potty training, but when he finally got the hang of it, he is
    amazing with it. He has his own little pen in the house and all you have to say is that it is nighty night time and he will go straight to his pen without any problems. He is such an amazing dog! I
    just can't say enough good things about him and your family! You and your children are absolutely wonderful breeders! I highly recommend your farm to everyone that falls in love with Micah. Bless you
    for all you do! P.S. I will try to send you an updated picture soon. He is so cute!

  • Laurie Waldenstrom (Monday, April 11 16 04:50 pm EDT)

    I just want to say thank you so much for the wonderful Malshi puppy we purchased from your family. We have only had Bandit for 3 days, but he is awesome! He is super outgoing and friendly! It's
    obvious to me your family truly cares for your puppies. This is our first puppy we've ever purchased so I was a bit nervous purchasing him without ever meeting him. The vet also said he was perfect!
    I am so happy we stepped out in faith! I'll send pictures soon! Thank you!!!

  • Shannon Buchanan (Monday, December 07 15 08:43 pm EST)

    We purchased our beautiful puppy, Hope (Westipoo) from you in August 2015. She is everything we wanted and more. She is so fun, loving, and our princess. Thank you for all of your help during the
    process. She has made our family complete.

  • Donnita Hammer (Tuesday, October 20 15 09:09 pm EDT)

    Hi i bought a standard Poodle from you . He is well belt and his personality is soooooo good. L love my standard poodle. Thank you so much. He is now 7 months old. he is a champ at getting groomed,
    he looks forward to it each month. I just love him. He is all ways buy my side and minds great Thank You Donnita Hammer

  • Titus (Wednesday, July 22 15 12:24 am EDT)

    We have moved to Arizona from SC. Titus now Winston (Labradoodle) is 4 years old now still an amazing service dog and a great help to me.

    He made the 4 day drive perfectly. Never asks for anything.

    He is 104 lbs and helps me up when i fall, picks up anything I drop and helps me up and down stairs, gets me a pillow and blanket. I tough him in English, Dutch and hand signals
    pottys on command.

    He obeys flawlessly. He has gone everywhere with me since he was 4 months old.

    Without his mobility service vest he is all dog...he is an amazing guard dog and loves to play Frisbee, ball and his favorite is a 4 foot piece of garden hose that he likes to play tug of war or
    shake it till its dead?

    he is chocolate like his mom and has apricot coloring around his face from his dad and some strands of white hair from dad also are showing up. My husband sings at nursing homes and goes with me when
    I go. He has been to over 140 nursing homes and likes to greet all the patients. But he knows what his top priority is and that is helping me. He NEVER LEAVES MY SIDE!

  • Mary Leddy (Wednesday, July 22 15 12:08 am EDT)

    Just want to thank you. Ruby now called Penny is doing very well and is well adjusted . Thank you for doing such a great job raising her and sending her to New York from Missouri. She is 12 weeks old
    Thanks Mary

  • Gary C. Yonocsko (Wednesday, March 11 15 12:07 pm EDT)

    Hi Kati,
    I just wanted to leave my review for Konner. What a wonderful puppy. I can't express our feelings enough for this bundle of joy and one of God's creations. He has a temperament that is truly
    remarkable. Rosie and I exceptionally pleased with his progress since we only had him for two weeks. He is a ball of energy and can chill out with the best of them. We also would like to thank you
    from the bottom of our hearts for your raising of him for the time he was with your loving family. Oh by the way we are seriously thinking of getting a playmate. Are you going to breed his parents
    anytime soon? We surely would like to have the opportunity to purchase another one of their offspring. Please let us know.
    Thanks again and God bless you all.
    Gary and Rosemary Yonocsko

  • Anderson Family (Thursday, January 08 15 09:49 pm EST)

    Just thought I would touch base with you and give you an update on out new family member.
    His travel day was a long one. His layover at DFW was longer than anticipated. He finally arrived in Garden City KS airport at 3:30. Boy was he tuckered out.
    He warmed up to us right away. Slept the whole night. We started litter box training right away. He is doing GREAT, only one accident today. Wish my kids had been this easy, haha. He is such a good
    little boy.
    We are so happy with him, and I think he is with us as well.
    Thank you again

    Justin & Angela Anderson

  • Scott (Sunday, December 14 14 08:30 pm EST)

    Great puppies

  • Brigitte Jurczyk (Thursday, December 11 14 12:09 am EST)

    All we can say is thank you with all our heart, because our goldendoodle \"Enzo\" is our baby. He fit into our home instantly and bonded with each member of the family instantaneously! He thinks
    he\'s human and quite literally thinks he can talk. He was so easy to train, and has no problem with a 5 year old thinking that she can ride him, or drag him, and he just lets her do whatever she
    wants to him, including dress him up! This was the greatest experience we\'ve ever had, and Enzo is like having another child in the house. Amazing that he just was a perfect fit from day one. Bless
    you and what you do, because you gave us the greatest gift of all!

  • Marti and Rick Sweitzer from SC (Tuesday, December 02 14 07:33 pm EST)

    Just an update on Licorice who we purchased in July...he is now 13 pounds, completely trained, loving and happy. He took to crate training well and is very smart and everyone remarks on how cute he
    is! Can\'t imagine life without him. Thanks again...

  • Tina (Sunday, November 23 14 02:48 pm EST)

    We only got our Yorkipoo last night, we have named her Lucy, and she already has fit into our family. She\'s 2.6 pounds, 12-1/2 weeks, and so smart, using the puppy pad on her own. she is running
    around like she owns us already, and I think she does! This is exactly what we were looking for to add to our family after losing our 13 year old lab to cancer this year. She\'s helping us heal our

    I\'ve never looked for a dog on line, in fact, our last two dogs were rescues. We drove out last minute to see a few different dogs that we were interested in to try to pick one right for us and we
    settled easily on Lucy. The family was so accommodating and nice. Special thanks to Esther, for taking such good care of her before we got her...she is loving, friendly, and playful, and we adore her
    already. We will take very good care of her!

  • The Alred Family in Maine (Wednesday, October 29 14 08:12 pm EDT)

    We are so happy with our Standard Poodle, Gregory ( Ace ). He is smart and wonderful and very spoiled. He is already potty trained. He also rings a wind chime with his paw to go out. Shipping was
    flawless. Thank you kindly.

  • Els Ruttan from Els Yorkies (Saturday, June 07 14 01:24 pm EDT)

    I am a small family YT breeder. Our precious Miss Pixie was purchased about 2 years ago, she is a AKC Yorkshire Terrier. She is a 'Special' dog, God gave her the gift of "IMPATH" she is absolutely
    amazing, she senses sickness, troubles and sadness. When her alarm goes off she notifies us immediately to some sort of danger, and she is always accurate. She just had her 1st litter, and I am
    thrilled to say they are the most alert quick smart pups I have ever had. I am so pleased with Miss Pixie's personality, obedience and caring of others (animals and humans) Thank you for our precious
    Miss Pixie. God Bless your family! I

  • Steve and Alice Mitchell (Wednesday, April 30 14 09:58 pm EDT)

    We took into our home in February 2012 a wonderful puppy Missy Choc (now Zoe). She has given us so much joy and pleasure that we had to tell you. She is so precious and we are so honored to have her
    as part of our family.

  • Lisa Tobben (Monday, February 24 14 06:31 pm EST)

    We bought a Morkie pup about 6 months ago and we are so glad we got her from you. She is spunky, loving and very smart. We will most certainly buy our next dog from you!

  • Darlene and Robert Cardin (Friday, January 31 14 10:15 am EST)

    Just wanted to give an update on our shorkies Scarlett and Spencer. They are a year old now and we could't be happier with them. This was an exciting year watching them grow into happy, healthy, well
    adjusted shorkies. I believe this is attributed to the outstanding care that was given to them in the first weeks of their lives. They just experienced snow for the first time living in Rhode Island
    and loved playing in it. They always steal the hearts of everyone that meets them. My husband says Spencer is a chick magnet so he likes to go to the pet store with him and Scarlett is a real head
    turner of the male puppies that see her. THANK YOU ALL for being such outstanding breeders. We are truly grateful to have them as menbers of our family.

  • Mark Meyer (Friday, December 27 13 09:22 pm EST)

    Just wanted to let you know that Raven now Halle is doing great!! She has adjusted well to our family. Thank you!!!

  • LIND SLAGER (Wednesday, December 04 13 04:12 pm EST)

    What makes this breeder the best is THEY CARE ABOUT THE PUPPY THAT THEY PLACE. you expect that the puppy is healthy, well socialized and my labradoodle certainly was. But they honestly care what
    puppy you get to fill your needs. Titus now Winston is a chocolate lab and white/ apricot full size poodle. I was getting him to train to be my mobility service dog. Winston, now turning 3 yrs old is
    the perfect service dog. He is so smart and goes everywhere with me, and has surpassed all my expectations. He is anticipates my needs before the commands. He knows English, Dutch and hand signals!
    The puppy I picked out, I received call before I got him to say that he WOULD NOT BE A GOOD CANDIADATE for this kind of training and change my choice to a puppy that would. They cared enough to help
    me make the right choice. Winston has learned everything I need to help me and is amazing. They were certainly right.He goes everywhere with me and even goes to churches an nursing homes when my
    husband sings and is always so well behaved and loved and adored by all.I would not hesitate to buy a love from this breeder.

  • Teresa Taylor (Thursday, November 07 13 02:46 pm EST)

    I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with Nugget (Blue). He is the sweetest little dog. He gets along well with the other dogs and acts like he has always been part of the pack. He is a great
    dog and I would recommend your puppies to anyone that is interested in having a great companion.

  • Kelly Creek (Thursday, August 15 13 08:29 pm EDT)

    Our Cavapoo "Max" is now almost two years old and we can not thank you enough for the blessing he has been to our family. Everyone tells me he might be the worlds cutest dog... which of course I
    think he is! He is such a sweet boy and is so much fun... playful and loving. Thanks again for such being breeders with integrity and providing us with such a wonderful companion.

  • Belgard (Monday, August 05 13 07:33 am EDT)

    We are really happy with Harvey (nemo). He is a very smart dogs and has learned how to sit, shake, give sugar, fetch, and dance.
    He likes the dog park too.

    Scott Belgard

  • Jennie Booth (Wednesday, July 10 13 04:09 pm EDT)

    Sam is the happiest puppy I have ever met. He is a year old now and I am worried his tail is going to fall off - it wags so much. People stopto met Sam - he has unique coloring - black and gray
    marbling. He is a beautiful dog and is loved by both his human and canine family!

  • Sarah Cormiea (Tuesday, June 18 13 10:06 am EDT)

    Hello! Just checking out your website. We bought our Maltipoo, Popcorn, four years ago and we absolutely LOVE him to death. He is the sweetest, kindest, most loving dog anyone could ask for. He is
    truly a part of our family, and we don't know what we would do without him. I would recommend a puppy from your farm to anyone. Thank you for blessing us with our loving little guy! He truly was a
    blessing from God.

  • Billy Hudson (Saturday, May 04 13 04:01 pm EDT)

    We picked up our puppy at the airport yesterday after flight delays and couldn't more happy with him.We got the little fellow home after a 2 hour drive and he was ready to play with our other dog
    like he had known him forever.at bed time he whimpered a few times and went right to sleep and slept all night.To say I'm satisfied would be a understatement.Thanks again

  • Keri (Monday, April 22 13 04:54 pm EDT)

    We received our Teddy last fall, he's such a HUGE part of our family. He's my little guy that sleeps with me, hangs with me all day, plays so well with all my kids. He's so well behaved and good
    natured and SOOO darn funny!! I've never seen a dog with this much personality. He gets along very well with my other schnoodle, that are like brothers. I can't imagine our lives without our teddy
    bear!!! I will make sure to adopt any future pups from this wonderful family.

  • Alicia Farrington (Friday, April 19 13 10:04 pm EDT)

    We just revived Eva today who is now known as Chica she a beautiful morkie and we couldn't be happier! My fiancé and I want to thank them so much for working with us during a hard time in Boston from
    the marathon bomber and the owners worked with us to make sure we would still get her during our lockdown and we did and are truly blessed and glad they could work so personally and closely with us
    to make it all come true for us and will enjoy our life with Chica thanks again God Bless

  • Mindy Delery (Tuesday, April 02 13 02:27 am EDT)

    We wanted to give you an update as it's been almost a week since 'Buddy' (now Hardy) has come into our family. He's a dream dog. Truly. From the minute we laid eyes on him until tonight, he's just a
    perfect little companion. He's really starting to come into his own around here, although he looked as if he belonged here right from the start. He went to the doc today for his shot and his
    well-puppy exam and passed with flying colors. The vet just went on and on about his health and his temperament, and of course his looks! She asked where we got him from and I was happy to tell her
    the story. Our children have fallen for him in a big, big way. Hardy seems to feel the same about them. I cannot get over how little he is, but how he seems to know things he just shouldn't know yet!
    For instance, when I make him his breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Hardy sits and watches. He just sits there, watching me with a grin! No jumping. No running. Nothing. Just sits! He already comes when
    we call him. He is learning to not eat the baby (hard when she looks so much like a puppy!). Heehee. He's already been to the river twice and loved every second of it. He sleeps in our bedroom in his
    crate and hasn't whined more than once. No correction needed. Just a hug. The boys cannot wait until he is ready to sleep in with them. Soon! He's absolutely wonderful and we are so grateful to your
    family for raising him and "giving" him to us to love the rest of the way.


    Simon, Mindy, Sam, Pete, Andy, Ruby, and Hardy

  • Joe & Tiffany Summitt (Saturday, March 02 13 09:04 pm EST)

    We just celebrated Brodie's (Tater) first birthday today. He has been a joy and is such a part of our family that we can't imagine life without him. Thank you!

  • Peter Kim (Monday, February 04 13 10:05 pm EST)

    We just wanted to thank you for Popcorn. We received Popcorn (a male maltipoo) in August of 2012 and found the process with you guys to be just awesome.

    We want to share how perfect Popcorn has been for our family (even the name you had given him was just right). He has been a great addition to our family, and we wanted to thank you.

  • Erin Sanville (Tuesday, January 15 13 07:02 pm EST)

    My dog means the world to me he's the best

  • Brenda Nowiski (Saturday, January 05 13 02:06 pm EST)

    Two and a half years ago, Yoshi (Millie) came to live with us. Tomorrow (January 6) will be her 3rd birthday. She has been such a wonderful friend to everyone in the family. My children love her to
    pieces. She has gone camping with us, fishing and always comes with us when we go to visit relatives. She loves to lay on her back and have her belly rubbed. We are so thankful for her everyday.
    Thanks for the wonderful friend!

  • Cindi (Tuesday, January 01 13 09:50 pm EST)

    I just wanted to tell you we absolutely love our little puppy!! We call him Chewy most of the time because he chews on everything (just like a puppy)! He's the best little dog! So calm and mild;
    patient with my 7 yr old twins. He follows them everywhere. We're thrilled with him and feel like he belongs in our family! Thanks so much!!
    Karam, Cindi, Aiden & Chase

    P.S. I'm looking forward to reading your book!

 Just wanted to drop you a note to add to your long list of positive reviews.  Harlee Quinn (my daughter had that name picked out before we even saw her) is doing well and is a huge bundle of energy.  That is a statement in itself since she is only 16 ounces and 14 weeks old!  She seems to be a normal, happy and healthy pup even with her teacup size.  That is a testament to your breeding no doubt!  Being a Min Pin, we expected personality and boy did we get it, she is a tiny bottle of lightning.


My family and I wanted to personally thank the Mr., your daugher and son for meeting us in St. Louis on such short notice.  I know they had a difficult time getting there with car troubles and all, and they met us with smiling faces and we felt so welcome in their presence.  I had no idea of your beliefs and background (until I viewed your website afterwards) but it shines through without prior knowledge.  It was a true pleasure to meet them.


For anyone looking to adopt a new family member, this family is truly heads and tails (pun intended) over the other breeders I've encountered in the past.  Not saying I've met all bad ones as some have been wonderful, but this family stands at the top of my list.  We would not hesitate to choose them again.

Matthew M.


 I hope your health is better and your family is well. I wanted to give you an update on the chocolate standard Poodle boy you sold me. Bentley is so precious. He's smart and obedient and the most loving dog I've ever owned. He's a big boy; only seven months old and already about 45 lbs. He's healthy with no problems other than an eye infection that I treated with Terrimycin and cleared it up. My adult sons and their families all adore Bentley and would take him away from their Dad and me if they could. Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog. I can't tell you how much he means to us. All the best to you and your family.


Susan and family




I would like to thank the Mrs. for the Cadbury puppy we name him (Zion). He is such a blessing to us we love him very much. The day we picked him up from the airport he ran right up to the front of the crate to play. Zion is everything you said he would be he is a very special and a playful puppy and always wagging his tail for action. The next day we took him to his appointment at the vet for a check up he is up to date with all of his shots and a very healthy puppy. She also had attached to the crate shot records/certificate and general puppy care stuff. When I was emailing/talking to her, she was willing to answer any questions I had and was very prompt with all of her answers. If I were to buy another puppy I would definitely buy from them. If I know anyone looking to purchase a puppy I would definitely recommend you. I wish you and your family much success in life. Thanks,


Sodania Kelly          



Good morning all!


I hope everything is going great. I wanted to share some photos of Dexter. He is doing very well. He's growing so quickly but getting along great with his "sister" Kacy and with everyone else around. He goes to work with me every month for our inventory count. He definitely keeps everyone company. He's a follower for sure. He is constantly following behind when I'm walking in the house or outdoors. He loves giving kisses and he's been a great watch dog (he especially barks when the neighbors have their trash barrels outside every Wednesday!)


Again, hope all is going great! Keep in touch and take care.



Manchester, New Hampshire                     July 17th 2012



                               I hope your husband is doing well.


I am sorry I couldn't email you earlier to thank you for this beautiful puppy.  I've been extremely busy for the past one month and will be for another week or so. Cody is a blessing to me and people around me and is intelligent enough to be trained with ease.  I've decided to send you some pics of him since you haven't seen him since his departure.  I will write a review of your A+ service when I have more time.


Thanks and God bless,







Katie is doing great!!!  She's got lots of spirit and I don't think she is going to back down to Corky as she gets older.  Right now he is jumping on the sofa to escape her but just now they were side by side and it was ok.  She seems very smart and always pees (and poop when necessary) outside when we take her.  And, I think today she might have begun to recognize her name. 


Thanks for having such a beautiful pup.  Good luck with the others also.  (And, if you can, a picture of her mom).


Thanks much,


R. Lynch



We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to purchase our new puppy from your ranch. Roscoe has brought our family so much joy. He owns great social skills that we believe he's gained from being around your family. He is also a healthy little trooper. Roscoe is very friendly, intelligent, and is the best companion. We couldn't have found a more perfect puppy. We appreciate the pleasant transaction. We hope to purchase another bundle of joy from your family in the future. Thanks again! Blessings from my family to yours.

-Alfredo Ruiz Mobile-




Emma and family,

Thank you for the pictures!  Kansas has been doing great... our daughter has been having so much fun with her... Kansas slept most of the road trip home, some in Angélica's lap as she was petting her and singing her lullabies .  And we have a big deck on our house, so we all like to go hang out... last night we were sitting on our lawn chairs and she just wanted to be up on my lap... so you were right, you trained her to be a good lap dog!  She is eating well and seems to be adjusting great.  

Hope all went well with your mom's surgery, we have been praying for her.  Thanks again for everything!

Blessings, Ben, Olivia and Angélica

 Susan From Virginia       

I recently purchased a Standard Poodle puppy from them. I found them very pleasant to deal with and they did everything they had promised. My puppy arrived on time, with all his paper work in order, including his AKC registration form. He had been appropriately vaccinated and wormed and treated with parasite (giardia, coccidia) preventative. He is an absolutely gorgeous puppy with good teeth and bone structure. He passed his well puppy exam at my vets with flying colors. He is sweet natured and well socialized. He came to us almost completely crate trained and used to the harness and leash. His color is rich and his eyes will melt you. He wants nothing but to love and be loved. I could not have asked for a better Standard Poodle and I intend (after his hips are certified) to use him in my breeding program.


Just wanted to let you know that Annie has completed her "Beginner" training at PetsMart and is doing very well.  We are absolutely in love with her.  She will complete her shots for the year next Monday with the final being her rabies shot.  We plan on having her spayed whenever the vet says.  She is now weighing about 8 pounds, maybe 9, is still biting/chewing everything in sight, has not mastered walking on the leash (would make a great sled dog), but overall she is so much fun!  See the attached photo for her "graduation from beginner class" photo.


Gerald & Margie

Fort Worth, TX


******************************************************* Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you-my computer has been down for almost two weeks. Borax arrived safe and sound--he had no reaction to his two flights and the layover. When i opened the carrying case in the car he came out looked around and sat on my lap for the ride home. He is a loving and affectionate dog. Thank you for all your help and for making the whole situation a non event. His new name is RUPERT.     Gerry




Rookie is working out great, he is the perfect dog for us. He is the best bundle of joy and very well behaved, the vet was very pleased with his health and his personality.  Thanks again. Alice


Emma, Thank you for the pictures!  Kansas has been doing great... our daughter has been having so much fun with her... Kansas slept most of the road trip home, some in Angélica's lap as she was petting her and singing her lullabies :).  And we have a big deck on our house, so we all like to go hang out... last night we were sitting on our lawn chairs and she just wanted to be up on my lap... so you were right, you trained her to be a good lap dog!  She is eating well and seems to be adjusting great. 

Hope all went well with your mom's surgery, we have been praying for her.  Thanks again for everything!
Blessings, Ben, Olivia and Angélica



Well we want to Thank You and Praise God that she has fit in so nicely. She is more precious than we imagined. I was typing up Candy's schedule and holding her and she fell asleep on my shoulder like a baby. We are very pleased and praise God for honest people and Christians who believe in raising healthy and wonderful animals. Gracie Belle, will serve the Lord with hospice in nursing homes.

We will not hesitate to refer other's to your bussiness.We ask God's Blessings for you and your family. Thank You in Christ. Scott & Candy, Gracie Belle.


Baby boy is here and is magnificent!  Thanks so much for this wonderful blessing.

Kris Banfield



                 Hi there.

Claire (Maddie) is doing wonderfully and we just love her more every day.  Her vet called her a “rock star” and was impressed by her outstanding health and temperament.  She’s already learned to come and sit, is working on “lie down”, knows what area of the house is “hers” (even without a baby gate!), is happy to walk on a leash and is doing great with housebreaking; and we’ve only had her a week!  I can’t help but wonder if you had already begun training her in these things or if she’s just really intelligent.  Either way, we think she’s super special.


Thank you,

Farah Ronald



Hello there,

We had a long night getting the puppies from Anchorage. They arrived in great shape. Ate and drank just fine and appeared happy as can be. They are cuter then I had imagined!
I'm so glad we waited to have them travel. They are a lot smaller then I thought they would be.
Thank you! we are so happy with them.
Have a Great Day!



 Latte arrived in good spirits and health and right on time.  At first there was a little mix-up because the airlines said they didn't have my husbands name - only mine... but eventually they released her to us.  Took her to the vet this morning and all is well.  We will be renaming her 'Lucy'...  I will be in touch and send another good review your way after we've settled in.  Thanks again!



Just a note to say that Bradley finally arrived in Burlington around 2:30 p.m. ... his plane was delayed ... and we received him in good condition at 3 p.m. He weathered the trip quite well and has warmed right up to all of us and, of course, is keeping us busy! He cried some at night but not too bad ... too be expected! His been eating and drinking and everything else! Quite a joy! We have already fallen in love with the little guy and did so before he arrived! We certainly could tell he was the puppy from the picture! Thank you so much for him and for all the love and work you put into him!

The Sanville Familly :-)


I was just flipping through all my emails and saw this one from you.  I just wanted to let you know that both puppies are doing really well.  We have been very busy taking care of them and training, but they are just darling. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you being so kind and giving our family these two babies. I will send a picture when I can get them both together! 

Thanks again,
Paula Kennedy



Thought you might want to see Winston he is 18 weeks and over 40lbs! He has tight wavy hair , He is just gorgeous and every body loves him. As you know I am training him to be my mobility dog, and is doing well considering he is still a puppy. He is growing out of his vest and doesn't quite fit in to the next one. He "sits", "lays down", "potties on command", "helps me up the stairs", "picks things up and brings it to me", and "gives me his paw", and knows what "leave it  means" He will play ball and fetch.  He also "pays" he takes my debit card and hands it to the cashier! Wish he had his own account! He has to use mine! He is just sooooooo smart. Catches on to most things fast.

Still working on "stay "as he has puppy in him, My friend who has Mr. Tibbs (a professionally trained assistant dog ) is going to help me with that this summer. We all take a walk, well me in my mobility scooter,  Winston and Patty Whack walk, Nic-nak in the basket. We go about 2 miles every morning. He does just great! And loves it, he just trots along!
He goes to churches, thrift stores, nursing homes, department stores, grocery stores and he does just fine, except he gets real excited when he sees kids and women. I can't have them touch him yet  as he has to settle down. He has to learn to take affection without getting so excited. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body and loves everybody. Tibbs can help settle him down with that too. He is a keeper! Thanks for picking out the right puppy for me, he is doing just great for his age. Linda Slager-South Carolina


China, now Zoey is such a loving, and beautiful puppy. We all adore her. She is such a little girl..... Loves to shower and get blow dried.

She is a delight. Thank you so very much for such a sweet addition to our family.


Titus now named Winston is such a gentle giant. He will be a bigggg dog when he grows into those ears, feet and legs. He just watches the yorkies and doesn't come on too strong. So I am relieved about that! Nic-nak has snapped at him to stay away and that's fine, he can't hurt Winston and Nic will take more time to work it out.He is setting his boundaries and Winston got the message.
Paddy I know will be playing with him before long, but on their own time. Not going to force it. They can work that out. We will all take a walk together around the yard and they will learn they are a pack.He knows where his cage is, where he'll go into it when we got to church, until he is trained enough to go with me.He cries to go out to potty, and he slept on his raised bed with super soft mattress next to ours. He slept  4 hours, cried to go out to potty, took a drink and went back to sleep for 3more hours...he follows me everywhere and loves a bath. Cried when I took a shower wanted to go in again!Lost him in the house, found him napping near the bed he slept in last night, guess he couldn't climb in it
Can't ask for more than that for a 9 week old puppy.
You did a great job picking the right puppy for us, he is just so sweet...I am starting with sit, focus( he has to look at me for directions as they will be words and hand signals) and leave it............ Going to work on getting him use to us and his new house for the next few days, glad to have him home.......he will take a trip to the vet Monday..

-The Slager Family                             



Dear Family,

Our sincerest thank you for blessing us with this puppy. We adore her and love her and are taking much delight in her. She is sweet, affectionate, smart, obedient, calm and quiet. She even sat on our daughter’s lap perfectly still and quiet on Sunday night for two hours of a Bible study we have in our home. She is beautiful and we named her Clancy Grace. She was well worth the wait and she is everything we hoped and prayed for. Yesterday when I had put her in her crate after lunch she began her puppy cries and barks of protest. I lightly swatted her cage with a rolled up newspaper and said “No”. She stopped immediately. You raise exceptional new little family members and we can tell that extensive time, care, affection and most importantly love went in to raising her. Thank you! Arnold, Carolyn, Riley, A.J. and Colson  

We love Noel!!

I picked up Noel from the Lansing airport yesterday when she arrived.I met the other couple who was receiving their little pug baby.It was like being in a maternity ward in the hospital!We were so excited to see our little babies.The couple who was picking up the pug retained themselves much better than I.While they completed the paperwork,Noel was looking out at me and I was beside myself!The waterworks started.When they finally said I could open it,I was just a basket-case.But she was just more beautiful than I even expected!!!She came out of the crate so happily,clean,smelled delicious,and was so loving and bouncy.The most beautiful thing ever!We brought her home last nite and surprised the kids.She has loved everyone and is sleeping on laps.It was like she walked out of the crate and into our family.Thank you for your work in raising beautiful babies.You have been so helpful.Sincerely,Laura   

 I love my Min Pin

We have received our bundle of LOVE(Billy)He is a bundle of joy and very entertaining.The first night when I picked him up from the airport we went shopping for him and bought him a couple of sweaters,a bed,a blanket,a kennel, lease,collar,a carrier bag and some tiny dog treats for his teeth.I took your advice and bought the IAMS and mixed it in with his food you sent with him.I will take some pictures in the near future and send them to you. Thanks for the book it is a blessing and I look forward to reading it from cover to cover.You and your spouse are a Guardian Angel.Just think if everyone was like you all this world would be at peace.Thanks for Billy!God is good all the time and all the time God is Good!Love,Barbara


We love our Pug

 Just a note of thanks for Toby.I have been very active in The Dog Game for fifty years and have bought many,many pups and grown dogs,for showing breeding,hunting and just pets.I have done professional handling at AKC shows as well as judge shows.Purchasing Toby was made as easy as I hoped and my expectations were surpassed with the lovely pup you sent.If I can be of help by way of referrance don't hesitate to give my phone.Also I am a qualified expert witness for legal matters pertaining dogs in the courts.We are currently looking for a black female if and when one comes available. Sincerely, P.L.S.


We love our Tillie!!

 I am so sorry I haven't got back to you until now, but we have been so busy. Tillie is settling in great. She gets along with our 2 yr. old Pekingese good. They chase each other all over the place. Tillie has a red collar with rhinestones on it and 2 little bells. She needs the bells, so we won't step on her. She loves feet, whenever I'm on the computer she curls up on my feet. We are very happy with her and love her very much. Eternally grateful, Tillie's parents, Sandy and Jay 


Happy in St.Thomas

I love Cooper,my 13 week old Cocker Spaniel.Although this was my first time ever buying a puppy online the transaction was simple,easy and doing business with them was a sheer blessing.I had several concerns in regards to caring for him such as: what type of food to feed him, potty training, the stress of traveling internationally,but not only did she show patients through my multiple phone calls and mounds of emails,she was also kind enough to address all my worries,and not to mention she also enclosed a full set of complete care instructions of do's and don't;that even a kindergartner could follow.Cooper arrived vibrant,happy,excited,fun filled,healthy, immaculate,and obviously well cared for.My experience with her from our first correspondence,throughout the entire purchase process and even until today has been a sheer blessing,I would not hesitate to recommend them to every single person I know. Sincerely, Elana in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands   





Evan- now Buster- is absolutely the best little bundle of charm that I could have given to my wife. We both love his mannerisms and his sweetness, He is so eager to please but is his own little guy also. Thanks for your answering and the help given when asked.


Truly Honest and Compassionate

I placed a deposit for a pup (wanting a maltipoo for 3 years) with her. I didn't discuss it with my husband - oops. As luck would have it my darling husband surprised me with a maltipoo as a Christmas present. Now what to do? He wrote them and explained the situation and she VERY graciously offered to refund 1/2 our "non-refundable" deposit - something she need not have done. She also told me I'm blessed to have such a thoughtful husband. It's not often that one comes upon people with such integrity and understanding. She is truly a wonderful human being and I would definitely get my next pup from her- no doubt about it. God bless this family! They are a class act! Donna 



We love our puppy
I just wanted to tell you thank you very much for the wonderful puppy. Oh she is wonderful, and has made her self at home. Oh she sleep with us, and for two nights she was up every two hours. Now she sleeps all night long. She is doing good with the potty training, and now does most of her duty outside.So far she seems very happy with her new home.Again thank you for the sweet puppy. My prayers were answered, she is everything and more that I wanted in a puppy.God Bless......Linda 


I first have to thank you and your family for how kind you have been to me... I received my baby yorkie poo, Ali on 7/6. He was the most beautiful little puppy that I'd ever seen and I, and everyone around me, immediately fell in love with him. Initially, Ali was extremely healthy and playful. I took him for his first vet visit and they sent him home with a clean bill of health. Ali was slow to eat but as per the vet, his appetite would increase once he became accustomed to his new environment. I trusted the vet's professional opinion and anxiously waited for Ali to eat until my heart's content... That time never came. After a week of him not eating I was growing more and more nervous. It was obvious that he was losing weight and was beginning to sleep more and more. I took Ali back to the vet and she decided that a gamut of tests needed to be run to see what was wrong with him. I being the concerned parent got the money together and trusted the vet to make my baby better. One week and $1400 later, there was still no change in Ali's appetite. I decided to contact your daughter Kaitlyn to inquire about what to do. She had told me in a previous conversation to feed Ali whatever he would eat. Hot dogs seemed to do the trick but when I discussed this with the vet she advised me not to feed him human food. I told her that I could feed him human food or let him starve. She advised that the latter would not be the case, she said that he would eventually regain his appetite. At this point I was desperate and seriously questioning the vet. Kaitlyn was more than willing to help and advised that Ali was suffering from hypoglycemia. She also advised that the vet was running unnecessary tests, (and an unnecessary bill), for a condition that was easily treated. She advised on the treatment Ali should have been receiving and what foods I should attempt to feed him. My vet again, seriously disagreed with the advice but could not offer any other solutions so I took Kaitlyn's advice. Ali began to respond well to the baby food that I had begun feeding him. Unfortunately, it was too little too late. Ali began to suffer serious complications from having not eaten for so long and had to be put to sleep on 7/21. I was devastated! My first child, (i haven't been blessed with human children yet), was gone and a piece of me went with him. I spoke with Kati on the day that Ali died and she was extremely empathetic. She promised me that if i wanted a new puppy she would send me a new baby as soon as one became available, even though my contract clearly stated that puppies would not be replaced because of hypoglycemia. After thinking it through I agreed and received my new yorkie puppy Titus on 8/8 free of charge. Though my new puppy cannot and was not meant to replace Ali he has brought me the same happiness that I experienced with Ali. I am forever grateful to your family and pray your blessings everyday for having gone out of your way to help me. I am thankful to have happened upon your website!!!! Titus and I are a perfect match and we thank you everyday!!!

God Bless,



In 2006 I bought a little boy Maltese from you. Well, I decided to email you today because this week my little boy turned 2 years old and I could not be happier with him! He is smart, extremely intelligent, he learned a lot of tricks and since he was a puppy everyone congratulates me on how well behaved and good listener he is! He is very healthy & BEAUTIFUL! He has the cutest Maltese face! His groomer always told me he has the best kind of Maltese hair! Mac is so pretty and his face is so adorable and white he is even in a doggie facial scrub flyer There's no one who meets him who doesn't fall in love with his cute little face and friendly personality. He has the gift to always bring a smile on people's face! Sorry to bother you but I will be forever thankful to you for pairing me with the most amazing dog! Thank you! God bless you all


Hello! I just wanted to let you know that Lizzy (Cocoa) seems to be adjusting well to her new home. She is absolutely gorgeous and such a sweet puppy. She is very playful. She had her checkup and 2nd puppy shot yesterday, he said everything looks great! Thanks again for everything, we are so happy to have her.

Thanks again,
Emily Anderson


I want you to know that Andy made it to his new home, safe and sound. He is soooooo cute, and we love him already. He was a little air sick but after we got home, we all took a nap, and he played outside with the other dogs. Thank you again for letting us adopt him, and once again, we just love him The O'Neill Family



I just want to say what wonderful people are here. I received my puppy in Aug. Besides that my puppy is absolutely adorable, I know that he came from a much-loved home. They are there for you if you have any questions, they call when they ship the pup and ask that you call them so they know it arrived okay. The paperwork and other materials was very thoughtful, professional, and helpful! Thank you so much for such a great experience. If he needs a playmate I know who to call! God Bless and Thank you............CT



First, I want to thank you for such an adorable puppy, Boomer. We have named him Snowy. He is so cute and sweet that he has already taken our whole family's hearts in such a short time! He is eating and playing well. I've just brought him back from his first check-up with a vet here in L.A. and was given an "A" grade overall! Once again, thank you all for such a wonderful and a happy baby. God bless you and your family!

Jenny Kwon and the family from Los Angeles, CA


I bought a yorkshire terrier from this family. I am so pleased with my puppy. At first I was skeptical about buying a puppy online, but after speaking with them on the phone, all of my worries were gone. I bought my yorkie in July. They made sure I got the puppy I really wanted. (She really worked with me) When I picked up my puppy at the airport, I was in shock, she was even more beautiful in person!! They called me the same night to make sure I was satisfied. She was very healthy and very well groomed. My puppy (Bella) is the most loving, playful, and energetic little girl! She is a new addition to our family. Many people stop me in the stores or wherever I am to see how pretty she is. I don't see any yorkies like mine around MA. You can tell the puppy was very much loved and played with quite frequently because all she likes to do is cuddle and play. I brought her to the vet two days after she came home, just to make sure she was ok after being on the plane and my vet said she couldn't be healthier! Please if you are looking for a puppy, you need to go to them. They will work with you and I promise you will be HAPPY. I can not thank this family enough!!! They have made buying a puppy a wonderful experience for me! I don't know them personally, but just by looking at their website and talking to them on the phone they really seem like genuine people. My little Bella gets lonely when I am at work; therefore I want another one to keep her company. When I do get another one it will DEFINITELY be from them. I could brag about my Bella all day but I must get back to work now.



This family were the best people I have ever dealt with in getting a puppy They were very informative helpful and prompt with keeping me updated and answering questions And when the flight my pup was supposed to be on got canceled and she called me right from the airport and assured me that my pup would be on the next flight out My pup arrived very lively and energetic I would never adopt another puppy from anybody else except them If I could I would leave 10 reviews about how helpful they were With all the scams out there this family is one of the few that are 100% honest and truly care about their pups not just the sale their making Please if you ever need a referral in New England or in general, I'll be happy to explain in more detail my experience. Thanks again so much for bringing us a great pup to join our 4yr brussels griffon who loves him too! Do not hesitate to adopt from them! 

because it will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make!



A Darling Puppy and Good Service

This was my first experience buying a puppy from a breeder that I could not meet in person. I had heard the horror stories, so I did my homework and decided to put my trust in these folks. I am so happy that I did! We received the most beautiful, happy and healthy little Cockapoo shipped to us in California. Everybody that meets her falls in love with her. Thomas answered my questions and concerns and sent me a picture when I asked. They also sent me a nice package of puppy supplies. Most importantly, they sent us a little angel. I highly recommend them.



I just wanted to e-mail and let you know how well things are going with Zoe. She has done so well and is thriving in her new home. She is sweet and good and so enjoyable. She plays all the time and is very frisky. She is eating great and I am sure she has gain some weight. Everyone that meets her falls in love with her at first sight! The house training is going well too, we have had an accident here or there, but that is to be expected. Overall I think she is doing great with it to be as young as she is. My friends enjoyed meeting you all and learning about your family. I have been amazed at how secure and well adjusted Zoe is. She has been in many different places and met many different people and she is friendly and unafraid for the most part. We have been running to different stores when something is needed and Zoe just goes wherever I go and adjusts to what ever the situation is. I couldn't ask for better. The only problem with shopping is it takes longer than normal because people keep stopping me to see her. The only time we have been apart is when I am at church and actually on Wednesday nights I work in the gym with the children at our Awana Bible club, so she even went to church with me that night. The children all loved her, needless to say. By the fourth night she was sleeping through the night. I consider her the perfect puppy !! I just can't thank you and the Lord enough for the gift of my little furry friend. God bless you all! Loren and Zoe


Thank You!!

I just wanted to say "Thank you" to this family for our beautiful puppy! Ever since the first day we got her, she has been healthy and playful and very affectionate. I can tell she was well cared for. Kati was wonderful to work with and I have already recommended them to some of my friends! We always looked forward to the newest pictures or updates on her. She arrived bouncy and healthy just as they said she would. Our little Golden is a pleasure to own and they made finding her just as much fun. Thank you!!



Beautiful Yorkie & Excellent Service

I purchased a teacup yorkie. They were very helpful and friendly people!.. They answered all our questions and didn't rush my husband and I. We received a beautiful puppy who was well groomed and taken care of! They still keep in contact to see the progress of our little boy! I recommend anyone who is looking for a honest family to purchase a dog from to come here!.. Ill be more then happy be a reference. Thanks again!!!!



Beautiful Baby Girl

This evening I picked up my beautiful 9 week old maltese named Zoe. I could tell that she was well taken care of. She has a wonderful personality, handles well and likes adults and children alike. As far as the previous review that was dated today, it stated that the buyer had a problem picking up her puppy at the terminal. A quick call to the airlines would have resolved any issues that the buyer had. They are honest people who really care about their pets. Do not let the previous review stop you from having your own wonderful puppy. I would be happy to give a personal recommendation to those that inquire.
Jeannette Marquez




We picked up our Maltipoo at the Bangor International Airport and she is adjusting to her new home in Portland, Maine. I can't say enough positive feedback about our experience through this whole process from the purchase of Maggy Mae when she was ten days old until her arrival at eight weeks old. The family has been very supportive with advice and weekly email pictures. The puppies that are breed at their home are truly loved and nurtured. Thank you.

Maureen & Charlie




Finding a Puppy is not a guessing game. You don't need to take a risk especially your hard earned money to scams & crooks out there. If you want a honest representation and 100% foolproof transaction, go to this family. Mom is prompt & detailed in her responses. What she promise she will surely deliver guaranteed. She will patiently guide you in every step of the way from inquiry to final delivery of the puppy. Thank You SO MUCH!! You are the very Best! SECOND TO NONE!!!!!!! I can vouch for Debbie Jean. This is not a paid advertisement in fact I have to pay $5.99 to upgrade my membership to be able to leave a good review & I don't mind like I said this is the least I can do for all the goodness and kindness they have showed. Proud owner of Bichon Frise, Anton



I couldn't be happier with my puppy. they E-mailed me a new pic of my pup every 1-2 weeks. they kept in contact through E-mail & phone.The pup is everything they said it would be which made me very happy. They sent a package that saved me a ton of $$. It had a water bowl,food bowl, treat jar,leash, collar, grooming brush, Nutrical, Dog food, Kennel, chew toys, play toys,records of all shots, bows, milkbones & rawhides. I researched & priced items at $150 not to mention shipping is $150-$250. So thats $300-$400. Thats half the dog. This family is not out for money. They are breeding for the love of dogs. The family treated me above & beyond what I ever expected. Thank you.




Great Puppy and Great Seller

This family provides excellent service! The only thing better is the Maltipoo Puppy we just received from them! The puppy shipped from them to us at the Charleston, SC airport. It arrived in excellant shape. The proverbial "Butter Ball". It obviously had been well fed and well taken care of. It was an instant hit! Not only with us, but the two baggage handlers would not leave until we took it out of the grate so they could hold it. It was obviously very healthy, well behaved and very friendly. They thought it was very cute. It came with a complete puppy kit as promised. Food, collar, leash, toys, etc.. My wife and I would like to thank your family for bringing us this adorable joy into our family. Make sure you look at their website.




Shipped us an angel!

I spoke with them several times about a very tiny male Yorkie named Cooper-she was very accommodating and patient as we made our decision. Needless to say, we picked Cooper up at Cleveland Hopkins airport and it was love at first sight! I was concerned he was too small to be flown, but when I saw the care & attention that the family had put into making sure he was shipped safely I knew that he had been loved by them before being loved by us. Cooper is all about being held and giving kisses-exactly what I was looking for in a puppy. Thank you for this special puppy! The Lang Family